You may run into the situation where the floating Chat Icon on the Boards Page is covering the Expand or Collapse button for a Project category you would like to view. While the Chat Icon cannot be moved, you can still expand and collapse categories without using the orange Expand and Collapse buttons.

Getting Started

To expand and collapse all of a Project's categories, use the Expand and Collapse Icons within the Project's name bar.

The button with the outward pointing arrows is used to expand all of the Project categories at once. The collapse button is the icon with the inward pointing arrows which will collapse every category on the Project at once.


To expand or collapse a single Project category, you do not have to select the actual button to do so. Simply select anywhere along the Category Bar to expand or collapse it.

In the example below, I would like to view the Resources assigned to the Phase 1 category, but the Chat Icon is covering the Expand button. To expand this category, I can select anywhere along the Phase 1 bar and the category will expand.


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