The Project and People Gantt are both capable of displaying Assignment Flags over time. Configure your Gantt Page to display the Assignment Color Bars as the Assignment Flag colors to quickly find specific types of Assignments, such as those available for release, those on the night shift, or anything else you have configured in your Settings. This article will show you how to view and configure your Assignment Flags.

Getting Started

To view Assignment Flags on the Gantt Page, follow the instructions below. These will be true for both Project and People Gantt Pages.

  • Select the Configure button located to the right of the Search Bar
  • Select Assignment Flag within the Assignment Color Bars Drop-Down menu
  • Select Apply to save the configuration and refresh the page


The Assignment Color Bars will now be displayed as the colors configured within your Settings Page.

  • To learn how to set up Assignment Flags, read here

Note that for any Assignments that do not include an Assignment Flag, the Assignment Color Bar will default to black.


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