The Reports Page is not the only place reports can be downloaded within LaborChart. Reports can be downloaded from any list view on the platform. This includes:

  • Projects Page
  • People Page
  • Requests Page
  • Time Off Page

Creating a report from a list page is beneficial when needing to report on things like Custom Fields.

Running the Report

The instructions below will work the exact same for any list page. For this example, the People Page is shown.

When a report is ran from a list page, the information reported is what is currently displayed on the page.

  • Narrow down the list by adding filters using the funnel icon in the upper left corner of the page.

  • For more information on filtering:


Once the desired information is displayed, download the list report by selecting Download Icon in the upper right corner of the page.

  • Select the file type, orientation and page size.
  • Select Export.



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