Viewing Assignments in LaborChart is critical to knowing where your Projects currently stand and what needs to happen to complete them. Assignments can be seen in a number of different locations in LaborChart, each with a different viewing. This article will show you how to view Assignments and their details. If you need information on creating Assignments, read here.

The Assignments Page

The Assignments Page is a list view of all current and future assignments in your company. You have the ability to filter and sort this page for more efficient viewing. You also have capabilities to create new Assignments as well as edit Assignments from this page. Another feature on this page is the option to download it.


The Boards Page

The Boards Page is intended to be a single day view of all current Projects and Assignments. This means the information displayed on this page is true for the currently viewed date.

  • The date selector is located in the upper right corner of the page
  • You can move the date by a single day, forward or backward, by utilizing the arrows on either side of the current date
  • You can select a date that is further in the future or the past by utilizing the Calendar Icon and selecting a date from there


Every active Project in your company - or the currently selected Group - will be displayed on this page. Within a Project, each Resource Card represents one current Assignment for one person.

To view the details of any specific Assignment:

  • Select the profile photo in the person's Resource Card
  • If no profile photo is set, the person's initials will be displayed


The Gantt Page

While the Boards page is a single day view, the Gantt Page is multi-day and will display Assignments across a selected date range.

  • To change the displayed date range, select the date drop down in the upper right corner of the page


Assignments on this page can also be displayed within the Project they are attached to, or broken down into each individual Resource.

  • To view Assignments by Project, select the Projects tab in the upper left corner of the page


  • Select the People tab to view each person and their corresponding Assignment(s).


Within both the Project and People Gantt, you are able to view the details of each Assignment by selecting anywhere along their Assignment Color Bar.


The People Page

The People Page is a hub of every person in your organization or currently viewed Group. It can be configured to show many different pieces of information relating to your people.

To view Assignments on the People Page:

  • Begin by selecting the Column Icon in the upper right corner of the page
  • Scroll through the available options and select Current Assignments by marking the checkbox
    • Next Assignment is also available if desired
  • Select Save to apply the new Column(s) to the page


Each person's current Assignment information will be displayed within their corresponding row. If desired, you can rearrange the Columns by Dragging and Dropping the Column Headers.


Thank you for reading this support article. Please refer to the support library for regularly updated support documents.