While the Boards Page is a single day view, the Gantt Page is a multi day view of all Assignments within the Group you are viewing. The Gantt Page features two display options: Project and People. This article will provide an understanding of the functions of the People view.

Configuring the Page

To view the People Gantt, select the tab labeled People located in the upper left corner of the page.

Within this view, each person has their own section, improving the readability of the Resources' Assignment information - specifically for those assigned to multiple Projects at once.

Each Assignment for every Resource includes the name of the Project, as well as a clear descriptor if the Resource is currently taking time off.


The People Gantt features a configuration modal, used to change the order in which People and Projects are listed, as well as customize the colors and units used on the page.

  • Sort People By: change the order in which the Resources are listed

    • Name: alphabetical from A - Z
    • Employee Number: lowest employee number at the top, highest at the bottom
    • Job Title: in order based on the hierarchy of Job Titles within your Settings
  • Totals Cells Units: choose what units are used in the sum of Assignment data

    • Allocation: cells display the total percent allocation for each Resource
    • Cost: cells display the total cost for each Resource based on wage overrides, the Resource's hourly wage and Job Title wage
    • Hours: cells display the total number of hours the Resource is currently assigned to
    • Work-Days: cells display total number of Assignment hours divided by the number of paid hours per shift within your Settings
  • Assignment Bar Colors: change the colors that the Assignment date ranges are displayed in

    • Project Color: bar is displayed in the color set in the respective Project's details page
    • Allocation %: bar is displayed in various shades of green and red, depending on the Assignment's allocation percentage and Assignment hours
    • Overtime: bar colors for Assignments including overtime are displayed in red, while all others (without overtime) are displayed in green
    • Assignment Flags: bar is displayed in the color of the Assignment Flag attached to the Assignment
  • Sort Projects By: change the order in which the Projects within each assigned Resource are listed (does not change the order of the Resources)

    • Name: alphabetical from A - Z
    • Project Number: lowest Project number at the top of the list, highest at the bottom
    • Earliest Assignment: when assigned to multiple Projects, the Assignment that began the earliest will be listed at the top
    • Earliest Start Date: earliest beginning Project at the top with the most recently beginning Project at the bottom
    • Earliest End Date: the Project with the earliest end date will be listed at the top

To apply these options to your People Gantt:

  • Select the Configure button located to the right of the search bar
  • Use the Drop-Down menu and checkboxes to configure your page
  • Select the blue Apply button to save your configurations and refresh the page

Create an Assignment on Gantt

Assignments can also be created directly from this view by selecting the orange NEW button in the upper left corner of the page.


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