This is a brief explanation of all of the Pages available in your LaborChart platform and their purpose.

Review of Groups

Groups are a way for you to sort and structure your projects in LaborChart. All People, Projects and Users must be associated with at least one Group. We use a "one or many" structure, so if any singular person should be associated with more than one Group, that is an option. Your current group display is noted at the upper left corner of the app.

Boards Page (Single Day View)

The Boards Page is a single day view of projects and assignments. Select here for a general overview of the Boards Page. From this page you can complete the following tasks:

Gantt Page (Multi-Day View)

The Gantt Page is a multi-day view of projects and assignments. Select here for a general overview of the Gantt Page. You can view assignments from a project view and people view. You can also complete the following tasks from the Gantt Page:

Totals Page

The Totals Page allows you to project and forecast your future workforce commitments. Commitments are assignments and/or "Requests" on Active or Pending Projects, and can be broken down by configuring the Project or Job Title. You can also configure the cell unit values that you see on this page.

Messages Page

The Messages Page will show you any messages that have been sent out. You can filter your inbox by Sent, Scheduled, Draft and Archived messages. You can also create new messages from this page.

Alerts Page

From the Assignment Alerts page, you can review any assignment alerts that have already been sent, scheduled or drafted. You can view responses from the Alerts Page and also re-send assignment alerts from this page. Select here for more details on the Alerts Page.

Reports Page

The Reports Page will show you four pre-build reports that you can customize filters for. The following reports can be downloaded for your review and distribution:

  • Availability Look-Ahead Report
  • Assignment History Report
  • Tags Requiring Action Report
  • Manpower Report

Thank you for reading this support article. Please refer to the support library for regularly updated support documents.