The Project Gantt now includes two configuration options to view the Percent Allocation details for every Assignment within the current Group. This article will provide a guide on how to view and configure Percent Allocation Assignments within the Project Gantt view.

Viewing Percent Allocation

Within the Project Gantt, percent allocation can be displayed through the Assignment Color Bars, with each being a variation of green, depending on the Percent Allocation of the specific Assignment.

In the example below, the Assignment Color Bars for Aron, Abigail, Brandon and Addison are each displayed in a different shade of green. As the Percentage Allocation rises, the intensity of green increases.


This feature is also capable of helping you catch over-assignment errors. When a Resource's Percent Allocation reaches over 100%, the Color Bar will turn red. The Percent Allocation over 100% will denote the shade of red used in the Color Bar.


Applying Percent Allocation

To apply the Percent Allocation Color Bars to your Project Gantt:

  • Begin by selecting the Configuration button located to the right of the Project Search Bar
  • Open the Drop-Down menu labeled BAR COLORS
  • Select the Allocation % within the Drop-Down
  • Select the blue Apply button to save the configuration and refresh the page


Thank you for reading this support article. Please refer to the support library for regularly updated support documents.