Percent Allocation is a useful tool used when assigning a single Resource to multiple Projects. Use this feature when the Resource should spend a certain amount of time at each Project. The specific time of day does not matter. This article will show you how to do so.

Getting Started

To create an Assignment using Percent Allocation, select the New button located in the upper left corner of the Gantt Page.


Once you've selected the New button, the Create New Assignment modal will populate.


Select the person and Project for whom this Assignment is for, then specify the date range that is needed. The toggle labeled Allocation Type will allow you to select either Work Hours or Percent.

Select the Percent option and fill in the amount for Percent Allocation.


In the example above, 30% of Adam's time on a three week Assignment to Denver Psychiatric Center. Select Save or Save & Alert to send out an Alert with the Project details.

To review any Assignment details, select the Assignment Bar next to the name of a person on the Gantt Page.


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