The Map Page in LaborChart can be used to track the location of Projects as well as Peoples' addresses. This offers an easy way to view the distance between a person's home address and a job site location which can be very helpful when creating Assignments based on distance.

Icons on the Map

There are two Pin Icons on the Map: red and blue.

  • The blue Pin indicates a Project's address
  • The red Pin indicates a Person's home address

When either Pin appears as a bubble with numbers, it represent that number of Projects or People that are located near each other. By hovering over a Pin, you can view the Project or Person's name.


Setting a Radius

Setting a radius on the Map Page is a quick way to locate a person within a certain distance of a project and vice versa.

  • Locate your desired Project, and select the Pin
  • Type the number of miles in the pop-up modal
  • The radius will automatically populate on the map


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