There may be a time where you need to Delete or Deactivate a person from your company's LaborChart platform. Doing this when necessary will provide better organization for your company and its Resources. This article will show you how to do so.

Getting Started

To Delete or Deactivate a person, you will first need to locate that individual's Details Page. You can access a Person's Details Page a couple of ways:

  • Select the person's name anywhere in the platform that it appears as a blue hyperlink
  • From the People Page search for the individual's name


Once you are on the individual's Details Page, you may Deactivate the person by selecting the Edit button within the person's Info modal. Change the person's status to Inactive, then select Save. Deactivating a person will remove the ability to Assign them as a Resource on a Project, but they will remain in your platform for record keeping purposes.


To Delete a person, scroll to the very bottom on the left side of the page and select the red Delete button. Deleting a person will wipe all their history and data from the system and they will not be able to be recovered.

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