Messages within your inbox can pile up over time, making it difficult to track down specific items. This article will provide some direction in consolidating your inbox and efficiently managing your messages.

Archive and Delete Messages

Messages can be removed from the inbox by Archiving or Deleting them.

  • Archive: this will remove the message from your inbox and move it into the Archived tab
  • Delete: this will permanently delete the message from LaborChart and it will not be able to be recovered

To Archive or Delete a message:

  • Go to the Messages Page by selecting the Messages option under the Communications navigation tab
  • Locate the desired message
  • Select the Archive button located above the message title towards the top of the page to move the message to the Archived folder, or select Delete to permanently discard the message


Messages containing important information can be labeled as such and saved within the Starred folder. This can be used for quickly finding a message that contains frequently referenced information.

To add a message to the Starred folder, select the Star Icon on the left side of the message line. The message will remain in the Starred folder until it is Archived or Deleted.


You can quickly find your messages with certain People by utilizing the Search Bar located in the upper left corner of the page.

Enter in their name, then select the Magnifying Glass Icon or hit enter on your keyboard. The list will filter down to show only the messages involving that person.

Note that the search function will only search within the folder you are currently viewing.


Thank you for reading this support article. Please refer to the support library for regularly updated support documents.