LaborChart offers a few different ways to view Projects, Assignments and Workforce Requests within your company. While the Boards Page offers a single-day view, the Gantt Page is a multi-day view or all Assignments and Workforce Requests within the Group of your choosing. The Gantt Page features two display options: Project and People. This article will show you how navigate the Project view on the Gantt Page.

The Basics

To view the Project Gantt, make sure you are in the correct Group you'd like to view. Next, select the tab labeled Projects located towards the upper left corner of the page.


In this view, all Assignments and Workforce Requests will be grouped underneath the specific Project they are assigned to. Workforce Requests will always be listed in the blue Requests Bar at the bottom of each corresponding Project.

blue bar

The Project Gantt features a Configuration modal that allows you to customize how the projects and people are sorted, the appearance of the Assignment Bars, as well as what units the Totals Cells are displayed in. You can also apply any desired Filters to the Project List, using the Funnel Icon in the upper left corner.

Here's how to Configure your Project Gantt:

  • Select the Configure button located at the upper middle area of the page
  • Select your configuration preferences within the pop-up modal
  • Select the blue Apply button to save your changes and update the page


You can quickly create new Assignments and Requests, as well as navigate to the Project Details Page by using the Three Dots located to the right of each Projects' name. See below.

3 dots

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