Utilize Assignment Alerts to notify your Resources when Assignments are created or changed in the LaborChart platform. This article will walk you through all the functions of Assignment Alerts so you can better communicate within your company.

Getting Started

All Assignment Alerts are logged in the Alerts Page. You can access the Alerts Page by selecting Alerts under the Communications navigation tab


There are four categories of Alerts, all of which have sorting and filtering capabilities

  • Open (Sent)
  • Scheduled
  • Drafts
  • Closed

To view each category, select the Drop-Down Arrow located in the upper left corner of the page.


Open Alerts are to be managed similarly to a "To-Do" list. If an Alert's status is Open, then it requires some sort of action. Once you get the appropriate response(s), you can change the status of the Alert to Closed.

  • To close an Alert, select the red Close button on the far right end of the Alert
  • If an Alert still needs a response, select the Prompt Unreplied button to resend the Alert
    • If there are multiple recipients on the Alert, it will resend only to those that have not responded.
  • To view a preview of the Alert, select the gray View button

Once an Alert has been replied to, the corresponding reply will be displayed underneath the Alert.


The Scheduled category displays all Alerts that have been set to send out at a future date and time. Once a scheduled Alert has been sent out, the Alert will populate in the Open category.

  • While an Alert is still in the Scheduled tab, it can be edited before its scheduled delivery by selecting the gray Edit button on the far right side of the Alert.
  • You also have a Send Now option, which sends the Alert immediately
  • Deleting a Scheduled Alert will remove it entirely from the Alerts Page, and the Alert will not be sent out. To delete a Scheduled Alert, select the red Delete button on the Alert line
    • Note that deleting a scheduled Alert will not delete the Assignment


All drafted Alerts are held within the Drafts category. Each drafted Alert includes the option to Send Now, Edit, and Delete.

  • As with Scheduled Alerts, deleting a draft will not delete the Assignment it is attached to


Closed Alerts are those that have been manually closed. If you ever need to reference the content of a past Alert, you can do so by selecting the View button on the far right side of the Alert.


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