There are four reports in LaborChart that are available to run: Availability Look-Ahead, Assignment History, Workforce and Tags Requiring Action. All reports are available for saving and downloading. This article will explain the function of the Workforce Report.

Running the Report

The Workforce Report gathers and displays all Assignments for a single date. The Assignment information is grouped within its respective Project.

For the selected date, you can view all Projects and People or filter down to specific Projects and Job Titles.

To Filter Projects:

  • Select Projects: Filtered
  • Choose your desired Projects using the Active, Pending and Inactive Drop-Down menu

To Filter People:

  • Select Assigned People: Filtered
  • Choose your desired Job Titles from the drop-down menu


Workforce Requests for each Project can be included within the Workforce Report. Toggle Include Workforce Requests per Project to report on them.

You can also toggle to give each Project its own page within the report, as well as include Projects that do not have Assignments or Requests on the selected date.


After configuring the desired details, run the report by selecting the Download Icon located in the upper right corner of the page.


For a frequently ran report, you can save the configuration and filter details for quick access.

  • Input your desired details, then select the Save Icon in the upper right corner of the page

  • Enter a name for the report, then quickly find it next time within the Use Existing Report drop-down


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