The Batch feature is found on the Boards Page and is used to make changes to Assignments that have already been created. Using this feature makes it much faster and simpler to update or edit information on multiple Assignments at once.

Making an Edit

First, you should know what kind of details can be edited with Batch:

  • Start Time & End Time
  • Start Date & End Date
  • Assignment States
  • Working Days

To begin using the Batch feature, navigate to the Boards Page and select the Batch button found in the upper left corner.

Next, select the Configure button to enter the details you wish to be updated on the assignment within the configuration pop-up window.

Batch button

Once you have entered all the details, select Set in the upper right corner of the pop-up window, then select each of the assignment cards that you wish to apply these changes to. The cards that have been chosen will turn blue. Next, select Apply Changes located in the upper right corner of the page.

Apply changes

Your assignment changes will now be updated, and the Batch tool will automatically close.

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