We are excited to introduce the new Workforce Graph on Project Detail pages.

This graph shows you all of the Assignments and Requests across a Project's duration with various viewing options. This release has many new features, below is a quick list to help you start experimenting with your own views!

  • View graph of Assignments only, Workforce Requests only or both combined to get a holistic view of your entire Project.
  • Change the Y-axis of the graph to represent:
    • Number of unique people on the Project
    • Hours
    • Man-Days
    • Cost (calculated based on People's hourly rate or Job Title wage settings)
  • Breakdown Job Titles for a visual representation of what titles are assigned/requested on the Project.
  • Filter Job Titles to get totals of just the titles you want to see.
  • View graph data points aggregated by week or month to meet your needs.
  • Compress or Expand the graph timescale to either see the entire project duration or get a breakdown of data points with totals below. 
  • Fullscreen the graph for great screenshots or mounted displays of a project. 

Ex: Compressed view shown by People/Week of both Assignments and Requests

Ex: Expanded view shown with Job Tiles broken down and Apprentices filtered out to see totals of Hours/Month