People Gantt Page Expansions

We are excited to introduce the new expansions to the People Gantt page. This release brings totals bars, assignment allocations, project names and many more configurations to the People Gantt page.


Bringing the functionality users loved from the Projects Gantt page to the People Gantt page, you can now see totals per person based on their assignments in the viewing range. These totals can be viewed as hours, man-days, cost or the new percent allocated. 


The total allocation percentage per week, per person is calculated against 40 hours weekly being 100% allocated. Based on this, 10 assigned hours in a week would show 25% allocated and 50 hours in a week would show 125% allocated. When viewing the totals cells as allocation percentage, the cells will acquire a background color that is representative of the percentage they hold to make it easy for you to visually spot any outliers. 0% to 100% is represented by darkening shades of green. 101% to 200%+ is represented by darkening shades of red. Optionally, you can also have this percent based color schema applied to the assignment bars themselves. This can be achieved by clicking on the Configure button in the toolbar, then selecting Allocation % from the Assignment Bar Colors drop down. Conveniently, this bar coloring is also now an option in the Project Gantt page configuration. 

If you would like to change the number of hours (default: 40) that is considered 100% allocated weekly, you can do so by having an Admin adjust Paid Hours per Shift value in the Costing settings. The allocation percentage will then take that number and multiply it by 5 working days a week to arrive at your new 100% allocation value. Click here to find additional information about making changes to costing settings.


Another new coloring option for the assignment bar colors on both the people and projects Gantt pages is to show them based on the color of their Assignment State. This can be really handy to quickly identify things like assignments that are in a pending state and not yet locked in or even assignments where a worker could be released from that job if better utilized elsewhere. Assignments with no Assignment State will show up as black. Click here for additional information about creating and managing assignment states.


New filters have been introduced to allow you to configure the people Gantt view to show both assignment bars and time off bars or optionally just one or the other. This option can be useful if you want to quickly skim everyone who has time off in a certain viewing range. If you compare the below screenshots, you will see time off represented by the criss-crossed bars. In the first screen shot, we see the default viewing mode and in the second, we see the impacts of using the Only Show: Time Off filter to quickly see who has TO in this range.